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Saturday, May 29, 2004
2:28 PM      

The next big thing: My first solo show, full of big, beautiful prints, will be at 200 Fifth in Park Slope. It's the very first art show in that space. Kathleen, the manager, has been very generous and supportive.

I'm sorting out which prints to actually include in the show, and organizing things like where to send invitations, where to place postcards, and how to lay out the show.


Nighttime NYC

Wonder what the window designer was thinking here

Long night.


Vision Festival
Into Jazz? This is the real thing, not the “smooth,” homogenized stuff that sells Fords on TV. The series runs through Memorial Day. These shots are from Thursday Night's program.

...We hold to the belief that art really moves people; and that to move people is a powerful political act. The theme of the Ninth Annual Vision festival is "Vision For A Just World." It is imperative that we respond to the erosion of rights in America and the new and very dangerous Imperialism abroad. Our goals are simple. First we must see ourselves, artists, writers, human beings as people who can make a difference, both with our actions and with our omissions. We are intent on presenting an international arts festival dedicated to non-violence. This is our statement that we hope will impact upon performers, speakers, organizers and audience alike. We give artists a platform with which to respond, and therefore maintain a link between vision arts and life that resists the deadening effects of fear, conformity and greed. ...

Masterful Michael Shipp


HULA – The Band
Played Tuesday night, May 25 @ Pianos. These guys are a pleasant break from the ordinary, and they're so damned photogenic.


The Republicans Attempt to Take NYC...
Yeah, in case you didn't know it, the Republican National Convention is here this summer. They must feel like they're setting up a beachhead in hostile territory. (Check out – they've been up and running for months.)

Andrea sent over this agenda, surreptitiously lifted from RNC HQ...

6:00 PM Opening Prayer led by the Reverend Jerry Fallwell
6:30 PM Pledge of Allegiance
6:35 PM Burning of Bill of Rights (excluding 2nd amendment)
6:45 PM Salute to the Coalition of the Willing
6:46 PM Seminar #1 Getting your kid a military deferment
7:30 PM First Presidential Beer Bong
7:35 PM Serve Freedom Fries
7:40 PM EPA Address #1: Mercury, it's what's for dinner.
8:00 PM Vote on which country to invade next
8:10 PM Call EMTs to revive Rush Limbaugh
8:15 PM John Ashcroft Lecture: The Homos are after your children
8:30 PM Round table discussion on reproductive rights (MEN only)
8:50 PM Seminar #2 Corporations: The government of the future
9:00 PM Condi Rice sings "Can't Help Lovin' That Man"
9:05 PM Second Presidential Beer Bong
9:10 PM EPA Address #2 Trees: The real cause of forest fires
9:30 PM Break for secret meetings
10:00 PM Second prayer led by Cal Thomas
10:15 PM Lecture by Carl Rove: Doublespeak made easy
10:30 PM Rumsfeld demonstration of how to squint and talk macho
10:35 PM Bush demonstration of trademark "deer in headlights" stare.
10:40 PM John Ashcroft demonstrates new mandatory kevlar chastity belt
10:45 PM Clarence Thomas reads list of black republicans
10:46 PM Third Presidential Beer Bong
10:50 PM Seminar #3 Education: a drain on our nation's economy.
11:10 PM Hilary Clinton Piñata
11:20 PM Second Lecture by John Ashcroft:  Evolutionists: The dangerous new cult
11:30 PM Call EMTs to revive Rush Limbaugh again.
11:35 PM Blame Clinton
11:40 PM Laura serves milk and cookies
11:50 PM Closing Prayer led by Jesus Himself
12: 00PM Nomination of George W. Bush as Holy Supreme Planetary Overlord

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Monday, May 24, 2004
11:03 AM      

Where have I been? Busy, very busy. Sorry.

- I opened my studio for the SONYA stroll
- I'm gearing up for a solo photography show in a couple of weeks (stay tuned for details.)
- I pitched a couple of new web projects
- Plus other miscellaneous distractions


Photoshop happiness

My cousin in Philly had a painting of a relative that she's had for many years. Done in what looks like either tempera or gouache, it has a fair amount of damage. I figured I might be able to take a photo, then clean it up and enhance it in 'Shop. Inspecting the results as I write, I realize that I was able to get the funky arm restored, except the sleeve line is missing! I hadn't noticed when I was working on the image, but his face reminds me of my brother Lyle.


Date: May 24, 2004 5:54:58 AM EDT
Subject: "Fahrenheit 9/11" Wins Top Prize in Cannes

Hello from Cannes! I’m sure by now many of you have heard the good news—“Fahrenheit 9/11” has won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival. It is the first time in nearly 50 years a documentary has won the Palme d’Or (the Golden Palm).
Myself and twenty-six members of our crew are here in Cannes and we are in a state of shock. None of us expected this. First came the critics’ reviews on Monday (The New York Times called it my best film ever), then the audience reaction at our premiere (a 20-minute standing ovation, a new all-time record for the festival), the International Federation of Film Critics Award on Friday, and then the best film prize last night. It’s all been an incredible week for us and I can’t wait to get back home and show you all this wonderfully powerful film we’ve made.
No, we still don’t have a distributor in America as I write this but after winning the world’s top film prize I’d give it about one more day (if that) before we have someone brave enough (and smart enough) to show Americans what the world can already see (Albania, this week, became the final country—other than the U.S.—to sign on with a distributor).
I am still hoping for a July release (4th of July weekend?) both in the U.S. and around the world.
I fully expect the right wing and the Republican Party to come at me and this film with everything they’ve got. They will try, as they have unsuccessfully in the past, to attack me personally because they cannot win the debate on the issues the film raises—namely, that they are a pack of liars and the American people are on to them. And, if the early screenings of “Fahrenheit 9/11” are any indication, those who see this movie will never view the Bush administration in the same way again. Even if you already can’t stomach George W. Bush & Co., I think this movie will take you to places you haven’t gone before, with laughter and with tears.
I will let you all know—as soon as we have a distributor—the date the film is opening. Until then, check out some of the articles that have been written, and check out the awards ceremony from Cannes.
Thanks everyone for your support.
Michael Moore
P.S. When you hear the wackos on Fox News and elsewhere refer to this prize as coming from “the French,” please know that of the nine members of the Festival jury, only ONE was French. Nearly half the jury (four) were Americans and the President of the jury was an American (Quentin Tarantino). But this fact won’t stop the O’Reillys or the Lenos or the Limbaughs from attacking the French and me because, well, that’s how their simple minds function.


Dubious Distinction:
Columbus Avenue, Manhattan, 2004 - The “Sambo's” restaurant chain changed its name to “Sam's” long ago. Aunt Jemimah has had several make-overs since the 60s – I don't think she wears a do-rag anymore. Even in the suburbs, it's nearly impossible to find one of those black-faced lawn jockeys. So, what's up with the Lenny's logo? Seems in bad taste to me.

“Lenny's – with a logo like this, Our food better taste good.”


Chew on this...
“In recent times... we have come to recognize that there is no representation without intention and interpretation.”

... said another way, everything gets said with a spin.

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