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Saturday, October 04, 2003
1:48 PM      

Out and About

More advice than you can shake a stick at


F train

Grand Central swirl

Same idea




-Michael Franti & Spearhead

Heard this tune in a club last night, and it blew me away. [Couldn't resist the pun.]

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Friday, October 03, 2003
2:09 PM      

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Thursday, October 02, 2003
2:41 PM      

More snaps


The NYC Marathon will run right by here in a month

... don't say I didn't warn you ...

'Jersey looking like Manhattan – on a cloudy day

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1:49 PM      

Today's fun Flash

Check out VectorPark


“Almost all leak investigations are closed without having identified a suspect.”

An ABC-Washington Post poll found 69 percent of Americans, including 52 percent of Republicans, believe a special counsel should be appointed.


What intent?
Rush Limbaugh says his comments weren't racist, because there was no “racist intent” when he as much as asserted that Donovan McNabb is a token quarterback on national TV. Funny thing, but when you look up “racist” in the dictionary, the definition makes no reference to intent. (Surprise!)

Limbaugh's intent was to take this quarterback, and the press in general, down a peg. Probably because he didn't have any other basis to diminish the man (it certainly seems he didn't do his homework), he took the lazy route of “playing the race card.”

The incident underscores the pervasive nature of certain forms of racism. Leave it to Limbaugh to perpetuate the myth of “he only got there because he's black.” Folks like Rush won't even recognize that they're doing damage when it's brought to their attention. Rest assured, there are many more people like Rush in positions of even greater influence. I suppose you could call that reckless intent.


Art + History
We already knew that ol' Dubya wasn't much for book-learning. I doubt that he'd ever take a lesson from a history book, even the history of imperialism – I recently read that when Napoleon invaded Egypt, he took along 175 scholars, linguists, antiquarians, and artists. Contrast that with Bush's assault on Iraq: seems we don't have enough translators, we guarded the oil wells and not the nuclear sites, and we allowed the museums to be pilfered. I think one of the museums was also flooded.

In case you didn't know, what is now Iraq was part of the region known as Mesopotamia. In 3500 BC, the Sumerians settled the Tigris and Euprates valleys, developed irrigation and flood control, the city-state, writing, math, law, and architecture. You think, maybe, some extraordinary knowledge was lost in this modern-day conquest?


A poster on the subway for the School of Visual Arts reads “If you enjoyed smoking in bars, study French Expressionism.” Makes me wonder if the French are at odds with their cigarette makers the way we are. For that matter, I wonder if the French let their cigarette companies get as out of hand as we did.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
1:55 PM      

Graphic Design's Direction?
Food for thought in an article called “Laptop Aesthetics” from Eye magazine: guess is that when we come to look back at design in the first few years of the new millennium ... we will see that this is the point that graphic design finally lost the momentum that it had acquired in the 1980s abd 1990s ... Graphic design appears to have settled into a complacent middle age, content to be in the thrall of corporatism, branding, marketing, focus groups and quick-fix makeover culture. Even in its more radical guises, design has become self-admiring and masturbatory....

I wonder if this would be considered a radical perspective, and I wonder if it isn't also a velied swipe at the design schools. I'm still exploring graphic design from the point of view of fleshing out my own aesthetic, so it's a bit hard for me to identify clearly what he's referring to when he talks about the momentum of the 1980s and 1990s. I'm not up to thinking about graphic design in that kind of historical context. It'd be interesting to pick up some debate on this in a design forum somewhere.


Charitable film site to be upgraded from flash to html, plenty creativity needed.
- ad on CraigsList

Um, switching to HTML is an upgrade? At least they're right about how much creativity will be required.


The bookstore as mirror
A bunch of books lie on tables right as you enter the B&N on Court Street. Steve Martin's new book “The Pleasure of my Company” is among them. A bunch of books are about how either the liberals or the conservatives are lying / have hidden, stolen, or distorted the truth. Others deal with politics and world affairs, while some are just well... Taken as a group, they might just say something about the current state of mind of the country. Here's a sampling:

Why Orwell Matters - Hutchins

Squeeze my Lemon: A Collection of Blues Lyrics -Poe

Skipping Towards Gomorrah: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Pursuit of Happiness in America - Savage

The Boys on the Bus - Crouse

The Oh Really? Factor: Unspinning Fox News Channel's Bill O' Reilly - Hart

Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths to Power - Robbins

The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception - Corn

Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and how it Distorts the Truth - Carson

Imperial America: The Bush Assault on the World Order - Newhouse

Thieves in High Places - Hightower

Outspoken: Free Speech Stories - Levinson


I checked out my log files recently. One of my referrers was, the blog of a 19-year-old “spoiled” Chinese girl who “has major issues,” living in Singapore, and attending Nanyang Technological University. A little glimpse:

lost my mobile at zouk a couple of days ago. im so so so so sad. i lost all my contacts n photos! and oh how my life depends on my mobile's organiser function! for a split moment, i felt like my life's empty. i've forgotten all the appointments n plans i've made coz everything's in my mobile. it's funny how reliant i am on that lil gadget. argh! i gotta go remove my wisdom teeth next week. my dentist is a fucking ripoff! $750 per tooth and $300 to be knocked out? like excuse me??? and i gotta remove 2 next week. gosh. i feel so bad for my parents. maybe i'll go to another dentist but it's like so damn troublesome. oh and fuck. i gotta remove them next week which means i cant pierce my tongue tomorrow! gotta delay it for another 2 weeks. like fug it man. all my plans are being disrupted. i better get my tongue done asap. i must i must i must!

are women really BAD n ROTTEN drivers? i feel like im in no position to rebut. photo updates laters. i swear  ting trudy n chris r never gonna ride in my car ever again. hahahha


Arlen Specter was on NBC this morning, trying to explain why an independent investigator is not needed to look into the outing of that CIA operative by someone in the White House. He took every opportunity to point out why the call for a special prosecutor is politically motivated. I'd like to know where he stood on the matter of investigating Clinton, first over Whitewater and later over Monica Lewinsky. Seems to me, he's a bit disingenuous to bitch about political motivations in this case.

This, by the way, is the same Arlen Specter who helped Judge Clarence Thomas act out his “high-tech lynching of an uppity nigger” defense during his Supreme Court nomination hearings. It's also the same Arlen Specter who came up with the infamous “zig-zag bullet” theory to support the finding of a lone gunman in the assassination of JFK.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
12:26 PM      

Zinc Talk/Reading Series in October: Hear the best on your day of rest
Creative promotional copy for the long-running reading series at Zinc Bar, 90 W. Houston St, Sundays at “6:59PM SHARP!” Now, I don't mind getting e-mails like this!

..."Zinc-TRS presents perhaps the most forward-thinking writers of our age, granting them the opportunity to present both brilliant poems and gripping talks in a format more inviting & rigorous than we've seen in a long time. A sheer delight!" according to a cut-up of The New York Times 9/29/03*

Zinc-TRS was rated safest** in rollover crash tests 3 years in a row according to J.D. Powers & Associates.

Zinc-TRS will never*** use antibiotics or growth hormones in any of our poets.

Zinc-TRS will either leave you with a sense of hope or with the critical acumen to better cope with our current political climate

Zinc-TRS, once the hottest reading series, has since repaired its air conditioner & will henceforth be perhaps the most perfectly comfortable reading series.

Zinc-TRS gives you 240 monthly minutes of talktime plus generous anytime minutes you can use to chat with friends nationwide about your experience**** – at no additional charge.


* Words collaged from from several articles including "New Agenda for Midwest Miners", "Housing Starts Sag for Second Quarter" and "Breakthrough a Bust for One Medical Center" and an ad for carpet cleaners.
** Safety during lecture portion of the series has not yet been established.
*** Except in those poets who look like they could use it.
**** 60 minutes every Sun. Nite. Some restrictions apply. Minutes spent grousing about, trashing or badmouthing zinc readers are not included in package.


What credibility?
Somebody in the White House seems to have given the name of a CIA agent (the wife of former ambassador Joseph Wilson, who challenged Bush & Co.'s claims of Iraqi WMDs) to the press. It's the kind of thing that gets people killed, or can badly damage the career of a spy. Would Karl Rove himself get caught red-handed in this kind of thing?

At issue is whether White House officials deliberately leaked the name to syndicated columnist Robert Novak and other selected journalists last July in retaliation, and in an attempt to blunt Wilson's criticism. Novak wrote that he got the name from "two senior administration officials." - A.P. story

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Sunday, September 28, 2003
8:57 AM      

No Dialogue!
Want to see a story told with nothing more than pictures and music? Naoke Mitsuse's “Adieu” is a treat.


World outage competition?
57 million lost their lights in Italy yesterday, compared with the 50 million that lost their lights in the US and Canada in August. Who's next? Warren joked that this one started in Ohio, too...

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